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Environmental Restorations, Inc., is uniquely qualified to perform historic restoration due to the combination of our licenses in the environmental field and also our experience with construction. Most historic structures have either Lead paint or some form asbestos incorporated into the buildings envelope. Environmental Restorations, Inc. holds licenses as a contractor in both Lead and asbestos as well as a construction license. ERI can carefully remove any environmental issues the building may have and finish the job by either restoring or replacing the window or door, removing the coating on the masonry or removing years of paint on the wood to reveal the original details of the structure. ERI has specialized dust free equipment that can remove coatings from masonry while utilizing the proper licenses , permits and containments and without harming the masonry work. ERI staff also has the experience and knowledge to represent a company or property owner to the historic commission and help obtain approvals. ERI has performed historic restoration work throughout New England for State, Federal and Private customers.





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